Mischief and Mayhem abound here and just like everywhere else on the internet: EXPLORE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Where the Blue-Green hits the fan. This is where I will rampage about Thor and Loki.
Yes, that Thorki Thunderfrost. Sometimes, anyway.
Most content will be taken from my other blog - either reblogged or resubmitted by me.
Tales of Koorlith
NSFW art will be tagged only :nsfw
Thorki work will just be: art / thorki

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    At times there will be posts about:
    Movie! Thor & Loki.
    Marvel Comic! Thor & Loki.
    Movie Verse Comic! Thor & Loki.
    Mythos! Thor & Loki.
    Mythos! of Similiar deities and culture.
    Koorlith & Moia.
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