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    This scene ( at first glance)  when he went into the tunnel and since I did not see prior to it, I thought Loki was wandering around in Silent Hill of all places.

    OK, the thought of movie!verse calculating bastard Loki in silent hill?

    Congratulations. I have now officially shat my pants.


    (via arctic-abomination)



    (via tricksterspawn)


    anyone else getting a sore neck looking at all the neck grabbing that Thor does?

    (via lunatic-loki)

    Alternative Names
    Anglo-Friesian/Germanic: Dagaz
    Norse (Viking): Dag, Daeg
    Old English: Daeg
    Other names/spellings: Daaz, Dagr, Dagar, Dagur, Dags, Daguz

    Pronunciation: Daw-ghawz

    English Letter Equivalent: D as in dog, DJ as in Django Reinhardt, DTH as in breadth.

    Translation Day

    Meaning Day. Daylight. Dawn. Breakthrough. Radical change.    

    A breakthrough. A new dawn or a major change of direction. Achievement and prosperity, a successful conclusion to a passage. Darkness is behind you because a new day has begun.

    Dagaz means day, and in the Nordic lands of long nights and winters, the day is strongly associated with light and life. Dagaz is the essence of natural daylight, the new light of dawn, and the strength of the sun. Spiritually, it is the divine light, the high point of the natural cycle of darkness-light-darkness. It signifies brightness, growth, progress, development, and sometimes fundamental change.

    Gemstone: Chrysolite

    Tree: Spruce

    Plant: Clary Sage

    Reverse:  Dagaz has no reverse.

    Converse: A false dawn. The time is not right for change. The daylight is yet to come. Persevere and trust in your strength and ability. 

    Runic Number: 24

    Color:  Light Blue  

    Element: Fire and Air

    Polarity: Male

    Associated gods: Heimdall 

    The Rune Poem: Verse XXIV Dagaz

    Day is Odin’s messenger, dear to men, The Ruler’s glorious light, Mirth and hope to prosperous and poor, Useful to all.             


    ” Still prettier than you … “